Saturday, February 23, 2013

Owino Market Visits

We recently visited Owino market (one of the largest markets in Uganda) to promote Kudu. The reception was great and we got several traders texting to buy agricultural produce. Enjoy the pictures!

Here, I was explaining to the Maize millers' chairman in Kisenyi-Owino, the benefits that Kudu would bring to the maize business in Uganda. He highlighted challenges of price fluctuations and the desire for traders to have timely access to these changes. He liked the idea of obtaining real-time information using SMS at costs lower than making voice-calls to agents in several districts of Uganda that traders incur.

Kudu handles real-time price information based on locations. The system has a break-down of  locations in Uganda from the regional, district up-to the parish level. Farmers are registered in the system  with their parish information to guide the process of collecting transactional information.

Ladies sorting and grading their G-nuts and Beans in Owino:

Explaining how Kudu works to enthusiastic traders:

Owino Market:

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